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My name is Digby, I’m Anna's pet.
Anna rescued me when I was a stray. I have to visit the vet a lot  but I don’t mind because he’s really nice and I get to see lots of other pets at the surgery.
I love running around outside with Anna and I’m really good at doing tricks with a small red ball.             

What Would You Stand Up For?

Every year, children around the country choose an important issue they care about and decide themselves how to make a difference! Teachers and other grown-ups support, but it’s you kids who plan and decide what to do! 
This is called the Make a Difference Challenge. Did you know that almost 7,000 children took part last year?
Here are the different causes that children chose last year:

 The bigger the word, the more popular it is. Can you see which cause was the most common among kids around the country?

The causes that kids choose change every year. But one cause that children say they care about most, year after year, is animal welfare.   It makes me really happy that lots of kids are standing up for me and my fellow animals’ rights.  
Go-Givers kids are really creative about solutions they come up with to help animals. Some of them team up with big animal charities like the RSPCA. Some educate people about responsible pet ownership. Some look into the effects of climate change on endangered animals or protecting sea life on the Jurassic Coast and some think about the safety issues of dangerous dogs. They have loads of different ideas! 

One of my favourite projects was when children campaigned against bear fur being used to make the helmets of the royal guards that protect Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives!

Grownups donate a lot to animal welfare charities, which shows that animals are a very popular issue for adults too. Even though children choose to tackle lots of other important causes, why do you think animal issues are always so popular? 

I know that when Go-Giver Anna sees an image like this puppy on TV she gets really sad. It makes her want to adopt all abandoned pets! She knows her mum would say ‘puppies aren’t just for Christmas!’ if she asked.

But I know other things that don’t make Anna as sad are important too. Should we always choose to stand up for the issue which makes us the most sad? How do these pictures make you feel? Which one do you think is a bigger issue to tackle? 


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