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My name is Digby, I’m Anna's pet.
Anna rescued me when I was a stray. I have to visit the vet a lot  but I don’t mind because he’s really nice and I get to see lots of other pets at the surgery.
I love running around outside with Anna and I’m really good at doing tricks with a small red ball.             

My Friend Digby

Digby is a sweet, but very naughty mouse. He sleeps A LOT. Sometimes, when it is very early in the morning and cold outside, I wish I was Digby and I could curl my paws under me and go back to sleep...

Have you met my pet mouse Digby? He is very naughty - but very  sweet. He sleeps at the end of my bed at night, all curled up. In fact he sleeps an awful lot. Sometimes, when I have to wake up early in the morning to go to school, I wish I was him. He's so happy and warm and quiet, sleeping there at the end of my bed. I just wish I could curl back up under my duvet and go back to sleep.

I don't like waking up early, I feel very tired in the morning. My eyelids are always stuck together, and the alarm clock is always too loud. My brother usually wakes me up, because at 7 or 6 or sometimes even 5 in the morning he is usually wide awake and ready to play. I like to wake up when I am ready, and because I stay up late at night reading my books with a torch under the covers, playing with Digby, or making stories about the stars and planets stuck on the ceiling above my bed, I am often tired early in the morning.

It's always a rush! "Come on Anna, get dressed quickly!", "Ben where have you hidden Anna's shoes?"  "Ben? BEN! Where are you Ben??" My mum is always shouting and my naughty little brother Ben and I are never quite quick enough!

Breakfast, coats on and then the best part of all, ON OUR BIKES all the way to school! My brother sits in a seat at the front of my mum's bike - usually singing, and I ride my beautiful, red shiny bike with a blue basket and beep loudly all the way to school!


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