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My name is Digby, I’m Anna's pet.
Anna rescued me when I was a stray. I have to visit the vet a lot  but I don’t mind because he’s really nice and I get to see lots of other pets at the surgery.
I love running around outside with Anna and I’m really good at doing tricks with a small red ball.             

It isn't Easy being a Mouse at Christmas

I love Digby. Digby loves lots of things. His favourite things are stinky cheese and sleeping. He can sleep anywhere. This Christmas he fell asleep in a very funny place, somewhere warm and woolly. Where do you think we found him? my Christmas stocking of course!

I guess it isn't easy being a mouse at Christmas, there are just too many places to play hide and seek and too many delicious things to eat. Digby seems to be having the best time of all.

A week before Christmas I put my stocking out for Santa ready for Christmas eve, and every single night who did I find curled up in the space made for toes? I think he is most excited about the nuts, and Christmas biscuits we've been making to put on the tree and in little bowls around the house, although I don't know how happy my granny was when she looked in the big bowl in the dining room and found him sleeping with his head on one nut and his body curled around the other!

I'm saving Digby's very best treat for Christmas day - bright blue and white Stilton cheese. It stinks! Ben and I think it's yucky, but for some reason Digby just LOVES it - that's mice for you! Granny has been helping me make a tiny stocking just for Digby, so on the 24th I'm going to hang it on the end of the bed next to my stocking.

Fingers crossed Santa will slide down the chimney and find us both fast asleep and bring us both lots of lovely presents! I can't wait!


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