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My name is Digby, I’m Anna's pet.
Anna rescued me when I was a stray. I have to visit the vet a lot  but I don’t mind because he’s really nice and I get to see lots of other pets at the surgery.
I love running around outside with Anna and I’m really good at doing tricks with a small red ball.             


Remember how I won a prize for doing my tricks at the park? Well, ever since then I've been going to the park every weekend with Anna, and while she plays football, I perform for people! It has been a lot of fun, but I started thinking about the other performers that I see. You know, when you see someone playing the guitar or the saxophone? Or when you go to the market on the weekends, and you see someone in costume putting on a performance. I only wanted to perform for fun but I thought that maybe I could collect money and give it away to someone who needs it more!

All of the Go-Givers do so many fundraisers to help others, so I asked Anna to speak with her parents about what I could do to help with my tricks. They took me and Anna to speak with the city council and I was given permission to perform for money! I didn't know that you had to have a license, but now I am a real street performer! When I told the council how I was going to donate the money, they were very happy to help me.

I have a little sign and a cap of Anna's that sits next to me when I perform, and the sign says "Collecting money for the RSPCA - a charity for the animals of England." The RSPCA stands for Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and they help find homes and rescue animals in need. Isn't that a great cause?

Anna's parents found a spot on the Go-Givers site just for them, and now they want to help raise money for RSPCA and other charities too! Here is the link: Tell your parents they can go there and learn how they can become even better citizens, just like you! And if you want to organise your own fundraising event, you can go to this link in the Kid's Zone:

Have you ever done any kind of fundraising before, or participated in the Make a Difference Challenge, like the Go Givers? Write to me and tell me what you've done!


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