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My name is Callum, I am 14 years old.
I'm into skateboarding and action movies. I spend a lot of time out with my friends or just hanging around on my own.
I’m always getting angry and sometimes people are scared of me.
My Dad usually takes care of me, he’s at home a lot because he’s quite often unemployed.             

My dad can't find a job

My dad just got back from the Job Centre. He's in a bad mood. These days he is often in a bad mood, especially when he gets home from the Job Centre. He goes every week and looks at the adverts, but even if he finds a job he can apply for, there can be up to 40 people all trying to get the same job!

Dad used to be a Forklift Truck Driver in a warehouse carrying washing machines and fridges to the lorries, which then take them to the shops, but he lost his job because not many people are buying new washing machines and fridges at the moment. I didn't understand why people weren't buying new things anymore but dad said it's because our country owes lots of money so we have to try and pay it back. That means the government can't spend as much as before on things like libraries, youth centres, museums, street lighting and all sorts of things. And, that means all the people who used to work in the youth centres and libraries, and change the bulbs in the street lights and do things we don't even notice happen, don't have jobs anymore. That means they don't have as much money anymore. So they don't buy new washing machines and fridges anymore. And that is why my dad lost his job. Again.

It's like dominoes. You knock one down and it causes the next one to fall over and so on. I hope dad can find another job soon because when he is in a bad mood I don't know how to cheer him up - can you think of anything I could do to help him feel better?


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