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My name is Callum, I am 14 years old.
I'm into skateboarding and action movies. I spend a lot of time out with my friends or just hanging around on my own.
I’m always getting angry and sometimes people are scared of me.
My Dad usually takes care of me, he’s at home a lot because he’s quite often unemployed.             

Mum and Dad

Not long ago, my mum and dad and I all lived together in my house. But my mum and dad didn't get along. They would fight all the time. I would hear them yelling when I was trying to go to sleep at night, and it made me sad. My friends would talk to me and make me feel better at school.

One day my mum said she wanted to have a talk with me. She and my dad sat me down and she said that she was moving out of the house. I asked her where she was going to live and she said she was going to get her own house nearby. She said she didn't want me to be sad and have to hear her and dad fight anymore, and I would live here with him, but I could come and visit her lots.

Now I've been living with just my dad, and we are happy. Last week, I went to go visit my mum and her new boyfriend. His name is Sam, and when we met he shook my hand. The three of us went to get ice cream together and Sam and I both got chocolate with marshmallows. He asked me about school, and told me when he was younger he used to get in trouble sometimes too. He said that any time I need help with school, I could ask him.

When I went home to my dad, he asked me about Sam. I said that he was nice, but I didn't want to say too much and make my dad sad. I asked him if he was mad that Mum had a boyfriend. He looked a little sad for a minute and then said, "No, I'm glad she is happy. And now I can spend even more time with just you, Callum" That made me happy, because my dad and I had gone on a fun holiday not too long ago, and I caught a big fish and made him proud of me. I'm sad that I can't live with both of my parents still, but I'm glad they are both happy and not fighting anymore.



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