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My name is Callum, I am 14 years old.
I'm into skateboarding and action movies. I spend a lot of time out with my friends or just hanging around on my own.
I’m always getting angry and sometimes people are scared of me.
My Dad usually takes care of me, he’s at home a lot because he’s quite often unemployed.             

A Different Christmas: Part 2

A few days ago, Dad came home from work with a Christmas tree. After we put up the tree together, Dad went to the loft to get our box of Christmas decorations that had been tucked away for the whole year. I waited for ages for my dad to come down, but he didn’t. I was starting to worry. What if Dad had had an accident?  I decided to go up to check it out. When I got up there, I saw Dad was kneeling over our dusty box of Christmas decorations. He looked like he had been crying. I asked him what was wrong. He said that each Christmas decoration inside held a different special memory of when he and Mum were together. He picked up one really tatty looking bauble and told me he had bought it the first year he was married to Mum! I wasn’t even born then, so the decoration was actually older than me!

I thought I was the only one who got sad thinking about Christmas without Mum living at home, but I guess not. Dad and I spent some time looking at the decorations and chatting about the things we used to do with Mum at Christmas. It felt good to talk about Mum, and remember the happy times.

But Dad reminded me that things were not always happy at home before Mum moved out.  He’s right. Mum and Dad used to argue a lot, and things are much more peaceful now.

Dad said that change doesn’t always have to be bad. Just because Christmas is different now that Mum doesn’t live here anymore, it doesn’t mean that all of it will be bad. Changes happen all the time in our life, and it’s up to us to find positive things about the changes around us.

Christmas Day came, and even though it wasn’t the same without Mum, it wasn’t all bad either. In fact, Dad and I did some pretty awesome stuff. We went on a really long bike ride and stayed up late playing on my brand new Xbox!

For Dad’s Christmas present, I bought a new bauble for our Christmas tree. It was pretty cool to start creating new family memories, a bauble that was just about me and Dad.



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