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My name is Anna, I am 6 years old.
My favourite things to do are running around outside, climbing trees and playing football. Some people think I’m a tomboy, but I don’t mind! I love adventures and I’m and not afraid of anything (except the dark).
My very best friend is my pet mouse Digby.
I live with Mum. Dad has left home.

Trick or Treat?

This year was my best Halloween ever. That's because after a lot of begging my mum finally agreed that I'm old enough to go trick or treating with the older children.

She wrote a long list of things I must not do. The list was nearly as tall as me! Then I even had to sign it. I had to promise not to go into anyone's house, not to go off exploring by myself, to stay with an older child at all times, and if the other children decided to throw eggs then I mustn't join in! I know she worries about me a lot and she doesn't have my dad around so she feels she has to be like two parents in one.

But I'm really glad she let me go, because I loved dressing up and seeing all the other kids' costumes and of course filling up my pumpkin bucket all the way to the top. But the best part was going out at night without an adult!

Ever since I was five I have been dreaming about the scariest costume I could make for Halloween and this year I finally got to do it. There's nothing scarier for me than a crazy dog, so I chose to dress up as a werewolf! I had big fangs, big furry ears and the best part of my costume was my hairy gloves with big nails! I even practised my howl for ages! I hope I didn't scare my neighbours too much on Halloween night. When I looked in the mirror that night, I was even scared of my own reflection!

Did you dress up for Halloween this year?  How do you stay safe if you go trick or treating?


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