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My name is Anna, I am 6 years old.
My favourite things to do are running around outside, climbing trees and playing football. Some people think I’m a tomboy, but I don’t mind! I love adventures and I’m and not afraid of anything (except the dark).
My very best friend is my pet mouse Digby.
I live with Mum. Dad has left home.

The stars above....

What do you know about life in the sky above? At night I love to look at the stars. It is so nice to wonder what there is up there, sparkling behind every little star.

Do you know anything about the other planets? My dad knows a lot about the planets. He is an astronomer and sometimes he takes my brother Ben and I to look at the stars through a huge, black telescope. Looking at the stars is one of my most favourite things. I have star stickers all over my ceiling. During the day you can't see them but at night, when my mum turns on the light, I look up and the ceiling is covered in stars. It makes me feel like I am wrapped up in stars and that is a very nice feeling to have when you are just about to fall asleep.

When my friend Millie stayed the night we lay looking up at the stars for a long time, and wondered if there could be another planet like Earth up there. Are there people or animals like mice or giraffes on that planet, or are there strange monsters with 10 heads? It is nice to think about the planets. My dad says that even if the planets look like they are close, they are really many miles away.


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