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My name is Ahmeti, I am 13 years old.
Lots of things have changed in my life so I often feel insecure.
A few years ago, my family fled from Kosovo. I still remember running through the woods to escape from the soldiers.
I love learning new things and I pick things up quickly at school but I’m still catching up with the others in my class.

My new room

Do you remember that a while ago I told you all about how my sister and I were sharing a room and it drove me crazy because she is a perfectionist and I'm, well...a bit more messy? Well, over the summer holidays my family moved house and...guess what? I don't have to share a bedroom with Luleta anymore! We have a whole room each!

I can spread all my drawing things and homework out on the floor, leave my clothes on the bed and live in a pig sty if I want to because it's my bedroom to do as I like in it. Almost. I still have to keep it clean otherwise my mum gets cross, but it is so nice to have all my stuff where I want it and not get bossed around by Luleta. I did get a bit scared on the first night though because it was weird not hearing the soft sound of Luleta breathing in the bed next to me, and it was really dark and quiet so I slept with the light on. I'm getting used to it now though, and love our new house and my new bedroom. I can still go to the same school, because our new house is just a few streets away from where we used to live, so I can still see all my friends and when Jun comes over we can draw and write in peace and quiet, all by ourselves in my very own bedroom!


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