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My name is Ahmeti, I am 13 years old.
Lots of things have changed in my life so I often feel insecure.
A few years ago, my family fled from Kosovo. I still remember running through the woods to escape from the soldiers.
I love learning new things and I pick things up quickly at school but I’m still catching up with the others in my class.

My Cat Minnie

Minnie is a wonder cat. She purrs, she yawns, some times she miaouws and she gives the best wet-nosed cat kisses in the world. She may be a cat but she is black and white just like a cow!

I am writing to you from my bedroom. My cat Minnie is curled up on my bed purring very loudly. Sometimes she yawns and stretches her front paws out in front of her until her legs shake. She has pink paws and a big fluffy white tummy. The rest of her body is black and white just like a cow. In fact, when my dad is joking around he calls her "Daisy".

We found Minnie in a rubbish bin a few Christmases ago. She is wonderful, and I cannot believe any one would throw her away. The people at the Cat Protection shelter told us that sometimes people get pets and then change their minds, and that is why it is always good to really think about if you can look after an animal for many years before you get one.


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