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General Election 2017 Twitter Competition

On 8th June, eligible adults will be voting to decide who will represent them in government for the next 5 years. The Go-Givers team is inviting KS1 and KS2 children to give their views about issues in society that they wish to see changed.

To enter the competition simply post your video tweets, 30 - 60 seconds long, onto your school's Twitter page. The winner will be decided by the most re-tweets of a post. The competition ends on Wednesday 7th June at 5pm.



1st Prize for Key Stages 1 (#KS1) and 2 (#KS2) - £20 Amazon voucher
Runner-up for Key Stages 1 (#KS1) and 2 (#KS2) - £15 Amazon voucher


The schools attended by the winners and runners up will receive school subscriptions as follows:

Winners’ schools: Go-Givers Premium School Subscription (priced at £330)
Runners-Up schools: Go-Givers Basic School Subscription (priced at £140)


For Key Stage 1 entries Copy and Paste these hashtags below into your message: 

#GeneralElection #GE2017 #GoGiversSoapBox #KS1


For Key Stage 2 entries Copy and Paste these hashtags below into your message: 

#GeneralElection #GE2017 #GoGiversSoapBox #KS2 

Tips for the children:

  1. Introduce yourself, including your name and age
  2. Say what you don't like in society and would like to see changed
  3. Use an example to help explain your reasons
  4. Suggest what the new government should do

Example of what to say: 

Hi, my name is Sam Davies, I'm 7 years old and I don't like breathing dirty air.


When I walk to school the dirty air from cars and buses is really nasty. It tastes bad and makes me feel ill.


The new government should clean the air up so that my lungs can breathe and I can feel better.

Check out the Twitter entries so far...

Competition Entries * 

Terms and Conditions:

To be eligible for the competition all entries must follow the terms and conditions.

  • All the hashtags(#) must be included in the tweet message (see Teachers section)
  • The tweet has to be from your primary school Twitter account
  • The video length must to be between 30 to 60 seconds long
  • If possible school children should be wearing school uniform
  • School children need to be in front of the camera in an 'interview' setting
  • Schools can post as many tweets as they like on their school account. However, we would suggest selecting up to 3/4 from your school.
  • We kindly remind schools to check their school policy with parental consent for publishing online media with their students.

*If your school does not have a Twitter account, please upload your video on your YouTube account and send the link to support@gogivers.org referencing your school in the email. This will then be posted on the Go-Givers Twitter page.

Happy Tweeting!

The Go-Givers Team

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