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This site has been developed in strict accordance with the standards of the W3C/Web Accessibility Initiative in order to make it as accessible as possible. We are currently developing specific aspects of the site to make it as useful as possible for the needs of the visually impaired and those with Special Educational Needs.

Minimum Browser Requirements for Go-Givers:


  • Internet Explorer 6 or greater
  • Mozilla FireFox 4 or greater
  • Opera 8 or greater

Flash Players:

  • Adobe Flash Player 9 or greater

Powerpoint viewers:

  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2000 or greater

Within the limitations of current software (particularly PowerPoint), the learning materials on this site have been designed to cater for the needs of children of all abilities and learning styles. They are humorous, visual and concise. The key learning points are expressed with precision, and are often consolidated through homework, quizzes and crosswords etc. The lessons provide myriad opportunities for the development of critical thinking and debating skills, whilst introducing the children to complex and sometimes controversial issues, and new vocabulary.

Every module is highly adaptable. Each has been planned as a complete lesson, but could be used for an assembly. The Teachers' Notes normally contain a range of learning activities, and provide the possibility of a single lesson continuing over several teaching sessions, or indeed a series of lessons extending over a half term or term period.

Many of the learning activities on this site are designed for use on the interactive whiteboard. Some are available in Flash or Powerpoint format. The materials will download more quickly in Flash, but the Powerpoint format will be useful for teachers who wish to edit the slides. The materials have been provided in Powerpoint 2000 for those who do not have a more recent version, however some functionality is lost in this form, and it is recommended that Powerpoint 2002 (or later versions) be used whenever possible.

Some materials include text boxes into which children's suggestions may be typed directly (when using a whiteboard) for modelling purposes. These slides may also serve as planning sheets or aids for the children when downloaded and printed.

Materials allocated to Key Stage 1 may be deemed equally relevant for study at Key Stage 2, when the issues raised would lend themselves to more extensive discussion at a deeper level.

If you have any comments on requirements or problems with accessibility - we would very much welcome your thoughts and requests. Please contact us, and we will do our utmost to develop this site further to meet the needs of all users.

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