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Marguerite Heath

Marguerite Heath (Programme Director) taught in Primary Schools in London and was a deputy headteacher in Brent before becoming headteacher of two schools in Kent, serving over 16 years in this capacity. She has also been an adviser to headteachers and worked in Initial Teacher Training at Canterbury Christchurch University. Marguerite conceived and developed Go-Givers. She has also developed a set of learning materials entitled ‘Get on with the Game’ for the Premier League, and is the author of two books ‘Prejudice’ and ‘War and Conflict’. in the Headlines series published by A & C Black.

Ruth Le Breton

Ruth Le Breton (Quality Control, and Outreach Manager - Northern Region) qualified as a primary teacher in 1999. She taught in Yorkshire for 6 years and co-ordinated PSHCE at a school in Leeds. She also worked with government primary schools in Tanzania for 2 years and recently finished her MA in Global Development and Africa with a focus on education.

Victoria Quijada

Victoria Quijada (Training and Promotions, and Outreach Manager - Southern Region) has taught in primary schools based mainly in Kent. She has also worked as a TEFL teacher in Spain teaching infants and teenagers and as an ESOL tutor in Northern Ireland teaching adults.

Sarah Kilou

Sarah Kilou (Regional Project Officer - Berkshire) has three years’ experience in Global Citizenship Education, gained through her role as Development Education Coordinator for Islamic Relief, and posts at One World Week. She has also worked as a TEFL teacher in Oxford, and as a Primary School Special Needs Teaching Assistant.

Sarah Kilou

Chris Staplehurst (Marketing and School Relations Manager) joined Go-Givers in January 2016 after working in an app startup company for one and a half years. He has worked in Hastings as a primary school teaching assistant and is a qualified TESOL English language teacher. He enjoys singing, gardening and sports.




Victoria Quijada

Sarah George (Business Administrator) has worked closely with primary school children as an anti-bullying ambassador, raising awareness of bullying and services available for those affected. She also worked as a language ambassador in a secondary school in East London, helping to break down barriers that non-English speaking students face when starting a new school.






Go-Givers is funded by the Pears Foundation.

The project has been developed by the Citizenship Foundation, an independent charity based in the UK. (Charity Reg. No. 801360 Company Reg No. 2351363).

Founded in 1989, the Citizenship Foundation aims to empower individuals to engage in the wider community through education about the law, democracy and society. It focuses particularly on developing young people's citizenship skills, knowledge and understanding.

The Foundation's work, across the UK and internationally, includes resources, training, active learning, community projects and research.

'Go-Givers' was conceived and developed by Marguerite Heath who also originated the learning activities.

The website was designed and developed by Wired Monkey (Edinburgh). Crayon created and developed 'Make Your Own Comic Strip' and 'NoProblem-O Show' and the 'Shoot The Hoop' and 'Skate Park' games on the children's site. Other Flash elements by Patrick Coyne.

Additional contributions by Liz Griffiths, Felicity Tyson, Richard John, Janet Nguyen, Marcus Heath, Joe Jenkins, David Coyne, Sue Dickins, Andy Thornton and all members of the Go-Givers team.

The electronic tools and the 'Go-Givers' Sharing Game were built by Tag Learning Ltd (Gravesend). 'Our Pledge' was conceived and developed by the National Schools Partnership. The 'Go-Givers' theme song was composed by Dave Cooke and sung by Nataylia Roni.

Original Go-Givers Stories appear on the site by kind permission of Marguerite Heath.

'Our Pledge was conceived and developed by the National Schools Partnership.

The 'Go-Givers' theme song was compose by Dave Cooke and sung by Nataylia Roni.

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